Body Massage: Popular Massages and Their Benefits

The word "massage" came from the French a word that means "friction of kneading". Simply this method includes applied pressure in some certain parts of the body to induce moment of relaxation of the muscles. The process can either be done through manually procedures or perhaps using mechanical tools. As for the manual, the masseur can use his/her hands, elbows, feet and fingers to massage a person. Currently, there are 150 types of massages in the whole world, and some of them are more popular than the other.

One type of massage is by targeting your trigger points that significaly reduces tensions. These trigger points also affects other parts of your body and it is the source of the pain, also they are sometimes hard to locate. For example, a trigger point that seemed to cause a severe headache. By simply massaging the trigger points it will drastically reduce the pain. Even though with this treatment it does not guarantee you will avoid this kind of chronic pain in the future.  Discover more to expand the essential information of massaage.

Another type of massage is the acupressure, it is known as the needleless acupuncture. Now this kind of combination that applies pressure to some certain parts of the body to improve the blood flow and also to increase the energy of the body. In the same way this kind of massage has the same healing function of the acupuncture, however, it only applies fingers and toes. Other benefits includes: reducing stress and boost your sleeping quality. Hence, it will help the body build a better resistance to stay healthy for a longer period.  Expound more information at

Then we have the sport massage, well a lot of people are not quite interested with this kind of massage, but it is very popular to people who are engaging active physical activities or to those who goes to the gym very often. This kind of massage help improve the athletic performance of and individual and also to treat or to prevent injury during work. Sport massage resemble a type of massage the "Shiatsu" which came from Japan. The "Shiatsu" is the combination of acupressure and the traditional "Anma" massage technique of the Japanese. The Thai massages are also the same kind of techniques of Shiatsu, but the position of the patient is not only limited to lying.  Read more to our most important info about massage at

So these are some of the most popular massages around the globe along with their benefits to the human body.

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